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5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

Creating the perfect smoky eye, the perfect halo, or the perfect winged liner takes practice, but the job can be made easier if you have the right..

Creating the perfect smoky eye, the perfect halo, or the perfect winged liner takes practice, but the job can be made easier if you have the right brushes! We love to feel glamorous and put together no matter the occasion, but we don’t love having to spend hours on a single eye-makeup look. 

Bésame’s signature brush collection is mindfully crafted using high-quality materials and thoughtful design. Each brush has been made to pick up pigment, blend eye shadow, and give you exceptional precision without fallout. We have also designed our brushes to be able to do multiple tasks, so you just need a few key brushes to create hundreds of looks. 

In this quick guide, we’re sharing the 5 eye shadow brushes we can’t live without, plus tips for how to use them. 

1. Tapered Eye Brush: Base Color & Highlight

5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

The Tapered Eye Brush is a slightly longer version of the basic eye shadow brushes you’re used to. The flat vertical sides of this brush’s bristles are perfect for picking up and holding pigment. Use the brush to lay down a base color or transition shades, or use it to blend multiple shades together across the lid. The taper of this eye brush isn’t very noticeable but offers just enough fluffiness to create seamless blends. 

Because of its size and shape, the Tapered Eye Brush is also great for applying a wash of highlight above the brow bone to help enhance that glamorous natural glow. 

2. Blending Round Brush: Crease & Blending

5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

A good blending brush is flexible without being floppy, and firm without being rigid. The Blending Round Brush fits the bill perfectly and features a slight taper to enhance blending power. Because of the rounded tip, this brush can easily fit into the crease of your eye, making it perfect for buffing and smoking out pigment. Thanks to the super-soft cruelty-free synthetic bristles, this blending brush won’t irritate the sensitive skin of your eyelid, no matter how much blending you do!

3. Point Brush: Eyeliner & Fine Detail

5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

Long and fine, our Point Brush lives up to its name by creating super sharp, clean lines and points. Despite its size, this brush provides you with remarkable control, so even newbies to eyeliner can achieve a beautiful cat-eye. Use this brush with cake mascara for the perfect jet-black wing, or use with a lighter shade to add fine details to your brows. 

If you are into graphic liner or intricate makeup design, this brush will certainly become your #1 go-to. You’ll be amazed at the delicate lines and dots you’ll be able to create, and if you’re really ambitious, this brush could be used to paint little images. 

What about faux freckles? The super-fine point of this brush is the ideal size for adding cute little speckles and sparkles!

4. Detail Brush: Lower Lash Line 

5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring your lower lash line! A light buffing of color along the lower lash line, close to the waterline, helps to open up and brighten the eyes. Bringing the same eye shadow you used on your lids down to your lower lash line can tie a whole look together, and make you feel extra glamorous. Our Detail Brush is super small, short, and densely packed, which makes it great for blending out small amounts of pigment and getting as close to your lower lash line as possible. 

5. Spoolie Double Sided Angle Brush

5 Eye Makeup Brushes That You Must Have

No makeup look is complete without a coat of your favorite mascara, and if you happen to love Black Cake Mascara, you’ll need a high-quality spoolie to apply it. Black Cake Mascara is a dry formula that can be activated with just a few drops of water. Rub the spoolie in the product, then apply to your lashes. Our Spoolie Double Sided Angle Brush is the perfect tool to get the job done. 

The spoolie side applies the perfect amount of mascara to lashes, preventing clumping while still building length and volume. The angled brush side can be used to apply your eyebrows, or as a backup eyeliner brush. 

Are Bésame Brushes Cruelty-Free?

Yes! Our brushes, like all Bésame products, are cruelty-free and made from responsibly sourced materials. Our synthetic brush bristles are ridiculously soft yet surprisingly strong, so they’ll last forever with the right care. Easy to clean with just soap and water or your favorite brush cleaner, Bésame brushes are created with simple elegance in mind. 

At Bésame, we never test on animals, and we’ve even gone so far as to become certified by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. 

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By: Tereza Toledo
Title: 5 Eye Makeup Brushes You Can’t Live Without
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