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Besame's exclusive makeup sets will be available at the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration!

Did you know that this year is the year of the Disney Princess? We’re so excited that Disney has launched The Ultimate Princess Celebration, a..


Did you know that this year is the year of the Disney Princess? We’re so excited that Disney has launched The Ultimate Princess Celebration, a yearlong event that celebrates the courage and kindness of every Disney princess and the impact they have had on fans around the world!

The Disney princesses have had a long and historic impact on culture in nearly every country, teaching us amazing lessons about kindness, generosity, bravery, ingenuity, adventurousness, and so much more. This special, yearlong celebration honors those qualities in our favorite heroines from Belle to Mulan to Moana. 

That means that Disney fans everywhere are going to get an entire year of music, experiences, products, and celebrations that they can purchase and participate in! Whether it’s buying a new collectible item or attending a concert, children and adults alike should feel free to join in the festivities and celebrate these characters who have become such important symbols of hope, grace, beauty, and strength for people everywhere.



Bésame's Exclusive Disney Makeup Collection


Obviously, we wanted to join in on the fun, so we created something extra special to celebrate! 

We have developed Limited Edition Refillable Compacts for all your favorite characters in a series of 12 pieces, each featuring a different iconic Disney character. Each exclusive makeup set will include a refillable metal enameled compact with gorgeous, brand new artwork of each princess and a matching lipstick. These are super limited, with only 500 units of each set, so they are truly a one-of-a-kind must-have -- and they’re sure to go quickly!

We’ll roll out each princess’ special set over the next few months, so make sure you sign up for updates, so you’ll be the first to know when a new set is released!

Each compact is designed with the specific princess in mind. How do you capture Belle’s brilliance or Mulan’s courage? How do you create artwork that fully embodies Tiana’s ingenuity or Moana’s strength? Each set will uniquely and artfully depict the character in question. So, you’re not only getting a collectors’ item, but you’re getting makeup that will help you feel like a princess, too!


Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration With Bésame's Exclusive Makeup Sets
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Hollywood Inspired Makeup

How are Disney princesses and vintage makeup related? Well, Disney princesses began during the golden age of Hollywood, glamorous movie stars, and elegant makeup styles! 

The first “official” Disney princess was Snow White in 1937, whose iconic red lips, rosy cheeks, and bold eyelashes are some of her most defining features. As with characters in most films, Snow White’s makeup style is rooted in the current trends and fashions of the time the film was created.

While her 1930s makeup style might have been a product of the time, it also established a sort of vintage elegance for all Disney princesses moving forward. We’ve come to associate the Disney princesses with a timeless, effortless beauty that only comes with the kind of vintage makeup styles of the early 1900s. 




Even as Disney princesses have been developed in modern day, we still see them embrace a kind of timeless elegance and charm -- in both clothing and makeup style -- that isn’t often replicated in most modern films, giving our princesses and the worlds they inhabit a truly unique feel. From the classic princesses like Snow White and Cinderella to our more modern day heroes like Moana and Merida, their stories continue to make us feel like we’re stepping back in time.

That’s why there’s really no better way to pay homage to these classic heroines than by creating a product that highlights their origins: vintage and Hollywood inspired makeup. Besame’s products embody not only the golden age of Hollywood, but the golden age of cosmetics -- real ingredients, high quality and reusable packaging, and gorgeously designed products that aren’t meant to be thrown away, but cherished.

Be Your Own Disney Princess

So, if you’ve always wanted to feel like a Disney princess, now is the time to get your very own Disney makeup! 

Channel Belle’s intelligence or Aurora’s beauty with vintage inspired makeup sets that are not only meant to remind you of your favorite heroine, but make you feel like a heroine every time you wear it.

Our last collection featured Mulan, with gorgeous black and gold artwork based on the Chinese influenced design of the 1950’s. This is the kind of attention to detail and enthusiastic tribute to each character that you’ll see in all of our sets for the rest of the year. We hope you’re as excited as we are!


Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration With Bésame's Exclusive Makeup Sets

To stay up to date, make sure you sign up for exclusive emails about each of our sets and start building your vintage makeup collection in the meantime so that you can perfect your Disney princess look as you celebrate the Disney princesses with us all year long!


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Title: Join the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration With Bésame's Exclusive Makeup Sets!
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