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Costumes for Halloween that are vintage inspired

If you know anything about Bésame, you know that we love vintage fashion. The simple, put-together glamor of vintage fashion inspires everything we..


If you know anything about Bésame, you know that we love vintage fashion. The simple, put-together glamor of vintage fashion inspires everything we do, from our makeup and skin products to our packaging. How else does vintage fashion inspire our lives? 


Vintage Halloween costumes! 

Halloween costumes from the late 19th and early 20th century were so fun, and of course featured classic silhouettes, colors, and makeup from the time. Each year when we look for Halloween costume ideas, we turn to some of our favorite vintage inspirations. Here are just a few of our fun vintage Halloween costume ideas:

Circus Performer

Traveling circuses were wildly popular starting in the mid 19th century up until the 1960s. A circus coming to town was a big event, and the news of a Big Top’s arrival might keep a community excited for weeks. Adults and children alike would attend performances, which included juggling and balancing acts, clowns, fire breathers, strong men, contortionists, and more. Naturally, the excitement of the circus translated to the rest of pop culture, including Halloween costumes. 


If you are looking for something fun and colorful - or could be super-creepy with the right accessories - a vintage-inspired circus performer is the perfect Halloween costume. Ribbons, pompoms, and ruffles are a must if you choose this costume, and accessories should include a neck ruff, especially if you are a clown! To finish off a vintage circus performer costume, try giving yourself a bright red cheek with a cream rouge.  



If you are looking for a fun, flirty, feminine Halloween costume idea, you might enjoy dressing as a vintage-inspired fairy! Antique and vintage depictions of fairies usually show them wearing floral or nature-inspired crowns on flowing or curly locks, long flowy silk dresses, and thin, lacy wings. 


Vintage-inspired fairies are a great option if you need Halloween costumes for kids, too, since they’ll love dressing up and pretending to do magic! Vintage fairies are also a good option as a group Halloween costume since there are plenty of options for everyone. Some fun types of fairies you can become include: 

  • Flower fairy
  • Sunshine fairy
  • Moonlight fairy
  • Moss fairy
  • Mushroom fairy


Spider Web Lady

Born from the “flapper” style of the 20s, spider web dresses were born from the imaginations of couture designers and later adopted by popular culture. At first, spider web motifs could be found beaded or embroidered on everyday clothing, but as designers and fashion became more adventurous, the classic vintage spider web costumes were born! 


Look up “vintage costumes for Halloween” and you’ll see gorgeous images of women in black dresses sporting enormous glittering spider web capes draped over their arms. Typically somewhat form-fitting, the “Spider Web Lady” may well have been one of the first sexy costumes worn for Halloween. 

Following the popularization of the Addams Family in the 60s, the Spider Web lady saw a resurgence. This happened again in the 90s following the growth of the goth movement. Now, in 2021, it’s time for Spider Web Lady to have her moment in the spotlight again! Finish off your vintage spider web look with Black Cake Mascara to fully embody your inner black widow on Halloween night.


Vampires have been a favorite Halloween costume for over a century, but no one did it better than the vampires of the ‘40s and ‘50s. Classic characters and cultural icons like Vampira came from this era, and not only represented the creepy blood-suckers we know as vampires but also helped transform vampires into sexy, sometimes sympathetic characters. 




A vintage-inspired vampire look should always feature dark, rich fabrics, dark yet simple makeup, and your best impression of someone who is just “above it all.” Vintage vampires can also be a couples’ costume option since you can easily coordinate even with different shades of black or darker colors. 


If you’re stuck looking for the perfect thing to complete a vintage vampire look, might we suggest Blood Red lipstick?


Vintage witches weren’t nearly as creepy as modern witches and were largely modeled after pop culture witches like Samantha from Bewitched. If you want a costume that’s cute yet spooky, a vintage witch is a perfect choice!




A pointy hat is one of the few must-haves for a vintage-inspired witch, but feel free to accessorize with a broom, a black cat, or anything else that makes you feel witchy!


Whether you plan to take yourself to a Halloween party or want to spend the night at home passing out candy, a vintage-inspired costume is a perfect option! Not only will your Halloween photos turn out amazing, but you’ll also feel inspired to start experimenting with vintage fashion. 








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