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Here are some Winter Makeup Trends to Try This Holiday Season

If you love dark, vampy, dramatic looks, or metallic, glittery, rich glam, the holiday season is your time to shine! There’s the classics, of course, ..


If you love dark, vampy, dramatic looks, or metallic, glittery, rich glam, the holiday season is your time to shine! There’s the classics, of course, like bright red lips and a light sparkly eye, but this winter, we’re challenging ourselves (and you!) to try some of the latest makeup trends. The 2021 holiday season is going to be all about simple but dramatic looks, whether you go for a heavy liner look, glow up your cheeks, or opt for a romantic wine-stained lip look. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into five winter makeup trends that we love and can’t wait to wear to our holiday parties and gatherings: 

Matte Lips

Matte lipsticks had their hay-day a few years ago when the first liquid lipsticks hit the scene. Now, matte lips are back in, but this time we’re opting for a more comfortable and less-drying option than liquid formulas. Bésame lipsticks feature a semi-matte formula that won’t dry out your lips! Cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, and made sustainably, this lipstick formula is enriched with vitamin E and squalene, which help to keep moisture in your lips. 

But wait, didn’t you say ‘semi’ matte? 

When applied directly from the stick, Bésame lipsticks have a very light shine. To create a more matte look, try applying your lipstick with a lip brush. Using a brush allows you to work the product into your lips more thoroughly, and cut down on some of the shine. If you want to take it a step further, try gently blotting your lips with a piece of tissue paper to remove the shiny finish. 

Woman Wearing Red Hat and Bésame Red Velvet Lipstick Applying Compact Powder

For the holidays, our favorite shades of matte lipstick are reds like Forever Red, Red Velvet, Victory Red, or Bésame Red. Can’t choose just one? Get all four (at a discount!) when you pick up The Reds Lipstick Bundle

Glossy Lips

If matte lips aren’t your thing, glossy lips are a great alternative. A glossy red is particularly gorgeous during the holidays since you get that beautiful pigmented color with the glitz and glam of the shiny gloss. Any color you think looks nice matte will look just as stunning with a touch of gloss. 

Try wearing a lipstick shade like Red Hot Red, then topping it with Rose Red Gloss from the Marilyn Gloss Duo. For something a little more natural without sacrificing glam, try a shade like Dusty Rose topped with Champagne Gloss. If you don’t enjoy wearing lipstick, a few coats of gloss on its own will give your lips a beautiful shine. 

Wine-Stained Lips

Wine-stained lips are exactly what they sound like: lips that look like you’ve been drinking wine! A look that became most popular in Japan, China, and Korea, wine-stained lips are going to be all the rage this holiday season! To achieve this look, you want to concentrate your pigment on the inner middle of your lips, fading out to almost nothing at your lip line. It should look like you’ve been drinking wine, but with a little more finesse. 

Woman Wearing Grey Hat and Bésame Cosmetics Noir Red Lipstick

Cream rouges are the perfect product to create this look since they deliver a light flush of color that is super buildable to give you that subtle ombre. Though cream rouges are light, they have incredible staying power and can wear all day without smudging or budging. Cream rouges also have a matte finish that looks almost like a stain. 

If you want to stay true to the “wine” part of the wine-stained lip trend, try the shade Crimson, which has a touch of berry in its undertones. 

Heavy Eyeliner

Creative, heavy, graphic eyeliner based on your particular eye shape has been a major trend in 2021. Makeup artists and makeup enthusiasts have found awesome new ways to create a classic winged liner on different types of eyes, and have created new looks that utilize negative space, the movement of the eye, and extended lines to emphasize certain features. 

To create the perfect liner look this holiday season, we recommend our old standby: Black Cake Mascara. Water-activated, this mascara doubles as a super-pigmented eyeliner that dries down matte, and can be used to create thin lines, thick lines, and anything in-between. Use a super-fine Point Brush or a classic micro Angle Brush to get crisp, precise lines. 

Woman Wearing Bésame Cosmetics Makeup

Glowy Cheeks

Glowy cheeks are one of the cutest holiday makeup trends of the season since this look is designed to make you look like you’ve just come in from the cold! Warm, glowy, blushed cheeks and noses add a touch of whimsy to even the most dramatic makeup look, or look lovely and sweet on their own with a light coat of mascara. 

To get this look, simply blush the apples of your cheeks and the top of your nose with Cream Rouge. Cream rouge goes on light and translucent but can be built to give you as much (or as little) pigment as you want. For the most natural look, go for the shade Apricot. Apricot contains a little bit of coral, which brings any skin tone to life with a touch of warmth! 

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