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How to Recreate Some of the Most Loved Disney Characters' Iconic Makeup Looks


It might seem like our favorite Disney princesses, characters, and icons get their distinctive and flawless looks from a combination of movie magic and real magic -- but, with the right tools and a little guidance, you can spend every day feeling like your own princess or hero, too!

All of the iconic looks of our favorite characters are grounded in real life fashion and style trends -- which means they’re possible for you, too! Not only that, but there are tons of products out there that are inspired by your favorite characters. 

That means you’ve got options. You can choose to create your own look with “regular” makeup and products you have on hand or collect products specifically designed to recreate your desired look!

Both methods offer their own pros and cons; on one hand, buying a kit can be an amazing collectors item and offers you an all-in-one experience. On the other hand, a do it yourself moment can be fun and exciting… and allows you to experiment!


Woman Wearing a Mary Poppins Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics


We’ll leave that choice up to you, but once you have your tools, we have some suggestions to help you get started.

Transform Into Your Favorite Characters With Makeup Tutorials

Have you ever watched a movie and marveled at the lead actress’ flawless style or yearned for the effortless elegance of a different time period’s clothing or makeup? It can be tempting to be jealous, but instead, we recommend being inspired!

You don’t have to change how you look to capture the essence of your favorite character, all you have to do is create your own spin on their style! If you’ve ever longed for the style of a different era, but aren’t sure how to accomplish it, then you need to check out some simple tutorials!

Woman Wearing a Mary Poppins Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics
Image Credit: @hannahsopranah on IG

Channel Your Inner Hollywood Star

The good news is that with vintage and Hollywood inspired makeup, you can bring the glamour of a previous era into your regular, modern day life! All it takes is some finely crafted makeup products and a little inspiration.

Often, when we think of a simply “classic” style, Judy Garland springs to mind. And what Judy Garland role is more iconic than Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? Though of course some of Judy’s charm is simply Judy, her charm and innocence is also accentuated by her full, red lipstick, her bright rosy cheeks, and her big, bright eyes.


Woman Wearing Wizard of Oz Dorothy Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

And those things are all easy enough to replicate on your own! Check out this tutorial for a Dorothy-inspired look so that you’ll always feel like you’re skipping down the yellow brick road!

Find a Unique Character to Become Inspired By

Not all inspiration has to come from the lead characters. Disney movies, especially, are filled with all kinds of characters we can admire!

Think about Mary Poppins for a moment. Obviously, our heroine is in the title. But, what about all the amazing women who surround her?

We were particularly inspired by Mrs. Banks and her simple, but iconic look straight from the 60s era of cosmetics and fashion. Her stylized look can give you a touch of glam, but also be incredibly versatile for everyday life!


Woman Wearing a Mrs. Banks Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

Thick eyeliner, thick lashes, and subdued eyeshadow contrasted by dramatic highlight and contour placement are all staples of a 60s look that can easily be adapted for today in a way that helps you channel Mrs. Banks’ strength, power, and integrity! 

Try this look out for yourself using this simple tutorial.


Woman Wearing a Mrs. Banks Makeup Look by Bésame Cosmetics

Collect Makeup Sets Inspired By Beloved Princesses and Other Characters

While you can easily put together your own character-inspired kit using any number of Besame’s vintage-inspired cosmetics, sometimes it’s also nice to have the work done for us, right?

We get it. That’s why we’ve put together some one-of-a-kind, collectible sets inspired by some very famous princesses you might know.

Each set includes a refillable metal enameled compact and matching lipstick that will feature new images of each princess. There will be 12 sets in total released over the next few months, each featuring a unique princess!


Disney Princess Inspired Makeup Set by Bésame Cosmetics - Ariel The Little Mermaid

Not only are these sets an amazing way to celebrate your favorite princess (or three), but the kits themselves are expertly designed to help you channel that character! The color and style of each product is inspired by the princesses themselves! 

We know how iconic the look of every princess is -- and now you can bring it home all in one easy kit.

Create Your Own Magic

Remember, you don’t have to flawlessly recreate a look to channel your favorite character! All you have to do is be inspired by that character! The only limit is your imagination.

Cosmetics are their own kind of art and that’s why you should feel free to play, experiment, and make magic with your cosmetics -- just like a real princess does! 

Whether you buy the perfect lipstick shade that matches your favorite character or swap out the entire contents of your makeup bag to fit your ideal style, you’re continuing the legacy of these iconic characters simply by being inspired.


By: Tereza Toledo
Title: How to Recreate Some of the Most Loved Disney Characters' Iconic Makeup Looks
Sourced From: besamecosmetics.com/blogs/blog/how-to-recreate-some-of-the-most-loved-disney-characters-iconic-makeup-looks
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