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Marilyn Monroe: How to Create an Everyday Makeup Look

Undeniably one of the world’s most famous fashion icons, Marilyn Monroe’s signature look has inspired generations of makeup artists and beauty lovers...


Undeniably one of the world’s most famous fashion icons, Marilyn Monroe’s signature look has inspired generations of makeup artists and beauty lovers. Known for her bright, fluttery, yet sultry eye looks and pouty red lips, Marilyn Monroe has even inspired full makeup collections

Although Marilyn spent much of her life in the spotlight, gracing red carpets and redefining glamor, her signature everyday makeup look was in some ways very natural and wearable. For those of us that aspire to embody Miss Monroe’s grace and beauty but feel more comfortable in natural makeup looks - never feat! Here, we’re talking all about Marilyn Monroe-inspired makeup techniques that you can add to your everyday makeup routine. 

Jeri Mae James as Marilyn Monroe
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Flawless, Soft, Glowy Skin

While Marilyn Monroe is best known for her red lip, one of the first things any makeup artist will mention about her is her skin. Marilyn took great pains to keep her skin even, soft, and supple and prided herself on the glow she gave off on screen. Marilyn avoided the sun for fear of skin damage, practiced regular skincare, and developed her technique for powdering her face. 

One of Marilyn’s secrets was to keep the peach fuzz on her cheeks. When combined with powder, her skin would look even softer and more radiant thanks to the slight blurring effect. A dusting of Bésame’s 1955 Silver Screen Shimmer powder over your favorite foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer can give you this slightly blurred yet glowy look. Add a wash of peach-toned blush to the outer corners of your face, under the cheekbones, and to your nose.

This simple base is a great way to subtly include Marilyn Monroe in your everyday makeup look without making your homage too obvious. 

Woman Wearing Marilyn Monroe Inspired Makeup

Light Eyeliner & Fluttery Lashes

Marilyn Monroe’s eye makeup looks deceptively simple. Marilyn was well known for enjoying her time in front of the mirror and loved the process of getting ready and applying makeup. Her eye look, which includes light winged liner, a smoked-out lash line, and fluttery lashes has been mimicked by makeup artists for years, but with a little practice, even a novice makeup lover can achieve this style. 

Because Marilyn Monroe’s eye makeup is relatively natural, wearing this as an everyday look is totally appropriate. Best of all, this sultry look can easily be worn day or night, so you can wear it to work or a glamorous event. Here are a few quick tips to achieve Marilyn’s eye look (which you can see step by step here.)

Woman Wearing Marilyn Monroe Makeup Look

  • Apply a light-colored base to your eyelids like Bésame’s White Cream Highlighter or shade Cream from the Bombshell Shadow Quad

  • Define your crease lightly and smoke out the lower lash line with Taupe from the Bombshell Shadow Quad

  • Lightly line the lower lashline, flicking your liner out at the end. Mirror this line on your lid, creating a small angled wing above and parallel to the bottom line. Use Bésame’s Espresso eye pencil or Black Cake Mascara and an angled brush

  • Brighten the waterline and fill in the area between your drop-liner and your top wing with Bésame’s Snow eye pencil

  • Cut a pair of Marilyn Lashes in half and apply to the outer corner of the lash line. This creates a fluttery, doll-like look that’s still surprisingly natural

  • Add extra flutter by applying 2-3 coats of Girl’s Best Friend Mascara. This step also helps to blend your natural lashes with your falsies 

Black Woman Wearing Marilyn Monroe Makeup Look

Statement Lip Colors

On days when you really want to channel your inner Marilyn Monroe, there’s no better way than to break out the red lipstick! A statement lip is a super-fun way to spice up an everyday look or make yourself feel a little more put together. Miss Monroe actually used 5 lip products to achieve her signature lip, but you can achieve the same vibe with one or two products. 

If you want to go all-in on the lips, start with a darker lipstick tone like Red Hot Red on the outer edges, followed by Carnation. To add a bit of brightness to the look, use your finger to blend a small amount of White Cream Highlighter in the center of the bottom lip. Finally, finish your lips off with a generous coat of Rose Red Gloss

Woman Lips With Bésame Cosmetics Lip Gloss

If you want to keep it simple, carefully apply Red Hot, then gloss with Rose Red. If you struggle to apply bright lipsticks or want longer wear, consider adding a red lip liner like Berry from the Marilyn Collection. 

Has all of this Marilyn Monroe talk gotten you inspired? Put on a podcast (maybe this interview with Marilyn Monroe expert Scott Fortner) and dig into your makeup! 



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