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The Makeup of the Now: 2021 Makeup trends 2021

I recently sat down with Hello Iowa’s Megan Reuther to discuss how makeup trends have shifted over the last year. We talked about new ways of wearing ..


I recently sat down with Hello Iowa’s Megan Reuther to discuss how makeup trends have shifted over the last year. We talked about new ways of wearing makeup, resulting from a global pandemic, changes in our work environments-from office to home office, mask wearing and a lack of events to attend where more elaborate makeup looks would be fitting.

Add to that, a sense of just overall fatigue and frustration. For me personally, I know that 2020 caused me to strip down a lot of what I personally wore makeup-wise. The priority was, and still very much is, safety. Having been masking up for well over a year and a half now at work, my clients never see my foundation, blush, or lipstick, so I don’t wear it most days.

Once I became fully vaccinated, I began easing back in to makeup, slowly adding pieces back in, resembling the puzzle I used to love putting together everyday to the fullest. What I’ve noticed has changed in makeup lately, feels fresh, pretty, modern. I like where things are headed, especially for the youth. Instead of being a crabby old lady, I’m quite inspired by what I see young people doing with their makeup on Instagram and TikTok.

Hello Beautiful: makeup trends

In this post, I’ll be showing you what I’ve determined is the ‘now’ way of wearing makeup, and how it differs from the ‘then’. First, let me remind you of the ‘then’.

example of old makeup trends

Not that there is anything wrong with these style choices, as they are, simply choices. However, I think we are all ready for something a little softer, less aggressive, to just take it a little easier.

Take it easier on the contour, the brow sculpting, take it easier on the elaborate 6 color eye shadow looks, the blinding highlight.

example of current 2021 makeup trends

In general, this is the look I am seeing now, which is overall, just less. Less makeup, nothing harsh or strong. Feel free to pull a few of these trends into your look, or all of them.

My favorite 2021 makeup trends have been the softer dark brown wings, more feathery, relaxed brows and everyone wearing their blush higher, as god intended. jk.

What’s Trending Now

fenty eaze drop
Fenty Eaze Drop Skin Tint, $29.50

Skin Tints

Full coverage foundations really feel like a thing of the past, with the exception of tv work. I saw so many brands launching sheer complexion formulas, products that look and feel lightweight under a mask all day.

This isn’t to say a full coverage foundation isn’t still your best bet for evening out significant discoloration, but in general, and I can speak to this as well as a makeup artist, people seem more comfortable with imperfections showing through a little bit. Teenagers aren’t as freaked out by a zit, I’m not even that bothered by my melasma. It’s a new era.

saie cream bronzer
Saie Sun Melt Cream Bronzer, $28

Cream Bronzers

We’ve bid adieu to extreme contour to make room for cream bronzers instead. They can add a little structure to the face, but I use them moreso to add warmth.

tower 28 balm highlight
Tower 28 SuperDew Highlight Balm, $18

Dewy Highlights

We still want to glow, just not with powdery shimmer. I’m loving the more dewy, wet looking highlighters that give sheen sans sparkles. I haven’t reached for a powder highlighter product in months.

glossier boy brow
Glossier Boy Brow, $16

Brushed Up Brows

Razor sharp brows with hard edges have moved aside to make room for brushed up, feathery brows with a more natural appearance over all. Your pomade can rest while brow gels step in.

Strategic Concealer Placement

Gone are the big triangles of concealer under each eye. Instead, we’re only using what we need, where we need it, nothing more. Place the concealer on the darkest shadow, then just blend outwards, diffusing the product, but not adding any more than need be.

milk makeup lip cheek stick in werk
Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick, $18

Cream Blush Worn High

I can’t get enough cream blushes and they’re even more flattering when worn high and tight. A cream blush swept up and back, closer to the eye than you think, can be a great way to add visual lift to the face.

Brown Shadow Wings

Agressive black, razor sharp wings just don’t feel like it anymore. Instead, brown liner, even dark brown shadow wings, feel softer, more modern and cool.

glossier ultralip color
Glossier Ultralip, $18

Lipstick/Balm Hybrids

At this point, I can honestly say that ultra matte liquid lipsticks feel outdated. I am loving the tinted lip balms, sheer lip colors and the lipstick/balm hybrids popping up.

kosas wet oil lip oil
Kosas Wet Oil Treatment Gloss, $22

Lip Oils

Lip gloss is great for a shiny look but lip oils might even be better. They give a wet shine while hydrating the lips too. Plus, they are just fun to apply and I’m often guilty of applying way too many layers. I can’t help myself. I wrote about my favorite lip oils HERE.

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