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These are the 5 Hottest Fall Red Lipstick Colors

That time is coming. Soon we’ll say goodbye to days spent by the pool or out in the sun and say hello to cooler temperatures, changing colors, and..


That time is coming. Soon we’ll say goodbye to days spent by the pool or out in the sun and say hello to cooler temperatures, changing colors, and the joys that come along with crisp fall days.

With the change in season comes the opportunity for a whole new look. Put away the bright pinks and summery florals until next year and drag back out of your closet cozy scarves, long autumn toned coats, and your favorite hat best suited for perusing a pumpkin patch.

Woman Wearing Bésame's Red Velvet Lipstick

The end of summer doesn’t just trigger a change in wardrobe, but a new makeup style to go along with it, as well.

Bright red and pink lipstick shades have long been associated with summertime, but as the colors in the world around us get a little more muted, stylish lipstick shades change, too. Fall lends itself to darker, moodier shades of lipstick that match the chill in the air and the cozy spirit of the season.

If you’re a red lipstick lover (and you should be!), then you know that there’s a perfect shade of red lipstick for every season. You don’t have to say goodbye to red lipstick until next summer; you just have to find the red lipstick shade that’s the perfect fit for fall.

Woman Wearing Red Lipstick Applying Cake Mascara

Why Our Favorite Colors Change With the Seasons

While there’s nothing stopping you from wearing any color of clothing or lipstick you want all year round, there’s a psychological reason why we gravitate towards different shades during different seasons.

The theory is that what we associate with specific colors influences how much we like that color -- and our associations change with the seasons. A chocolate brown might feel warm and cozy in the winter time, but that same shade might seem muddy in the spring or summer.

We love bright and vibrant colors in the summer to match the heat and party spirit, but those same colors can feel like overkill in the fall and winter, when we like things to be quieter, calmer, and simpler.

Woman Applying Bésame's Red Velvet Lipstick

That’s why it just feels natural to shift from shade to shade as the seasons change. The colors you wear influence how you feel, so it’s important to have shades of lipstick on hand that match your mood for every season!

Our Top 5 Red Lipstick Shades For Fall

To prepare for the autumn season, look no further than our five favorite shades for fall. These shades will let you keep your signature red lipstick style all season long, but shift the focus to shades that are perfectly suited for falling leaves, farmers markets, and family gatherings.

  1. Chocolate Kiss Lipstick

Chocolate Kiss is the perfect “kiss” of color for a softer, more subtle look. Inspired by the barely-there style of the 1970s, Chocolate Kiss adds a hint of natural and effortless color. 

In keeping with its name, Chocolate Kiss lipstick has a subtle sweetness to match the sweets and treats of the autumn season. This lipstick is designed to last all day so that you can focus on being out and about in the cooler temperatures without having to worry about reapplying all day long.

  1. Blood Red Lipstick

Blood Red Lipstick is just the right choice for dark, stormy autumn nights when you need a touch of mystique and elegance. Out for a night under the full moon? This is the shade for you.

Blood Red is a twist on a classic red and inspired by the women of the 1920s. It’s deep, soulful, and warm -- emotions often associated with the fall season. This shade is the perfect way to shift from the bright reds of summer to the deep tones of fall.

Smiling lips wearing red lipstick
  1. Noir Red Lipstick

Looking for something even more intriguing? Noir Red is a dark and dramatic shade reminiscent of deep plum and boysenberry. 

Not all fall tones have to be subtle and understated. Inspired by the lively parties and mystique of the 1930’s, this is the perfect shade to wear if you’re looking to make a statement, while also matching the color palette of the season.

  1. Forever Red Lipstick

Forever Red offers a simple, deep red look that perfectly complements the fall colors. It’s muted and warm, but stunning in equal measure to dress up a party look or use as an everyday statement. Inspired by classic vintage makeup styles, Forever Red is bold, but effortless.

  1. Red Velvet Lipstick

Finally, you can’t go wrong with a timeless classic. Red Velvet is a deep red with a neutral undertone designed to flatter every skin tone all year long. Red Velvet offers an eternal elegance that can’t be matched and is the perfect way to add a bright splash of color to your autumn look.

Woman lips wearing red velvet lipstick

Complete the Look

Once you’ve chosen your perfect shade of lipstick for fall (or several), it’s time to complete the look. Besame Cosmetics offers identical shades of nail polish to match your favorite lipstick. Or, go a step further toward channeling vintage beauty and elegance by adding cake mascara to your cosmetics collection.

Matching the rest of your beauty routine to your fall color palette will give you an elegant, polished look. There’s nothing that says “put together” more than a thoughtful, matching color scheme. With a little effort, you can put together the perfect color palette for every season.



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